Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chace Crawford, So Pretty

I had a dream last night that Jennifer Garner and I were friends. So random. I'm not even a huge fan. She was talking to me about her pregnancy and stuff. I keep forgetting that she was previously married to Scott Foley (he's on The Unit now, right?) who was Noel on Felicity. Remember when Garner was on that horrible Jennifer Love Hewitt show, Time of Your Life? Is Love Hewitt a B, C, or D list celebrity?

Don't call it a comeback
I've been here for years
I'm rockin' my peers
Puttin' suckers in fear
Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon
Listen to the bass go boom
Explosions, overpowerin'
Over the competition I'm towerin'

Just a little taste of what's been shuffling in my ipod. That's right, Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J.

Lindsay Lohan has been spotted back on the Ugly Betty set in New York this week filming for the upcoming season.

Last week, some members of the Gossip Girl cast were also out on the streets of New York filming. Pretty boy Chace Crawford was seen with Madchen Amick (she'll always be Shelly from Twin Peaks). Rumor has it that Chace's character Nate possibly gets back together with Vanessa and Madchen's character (a married, cougar MILF) who's having an affair with Nate, isn't down for that.

And then here's Blake Lively and Penn Badgley shooting a scene (or are they?) of their own. Their characters' reunion is short-lived (Boo!).

I hear Mad Men is a good show. Anyone?

Finally, 90210 has recruited Ann Gillespie to reprise her role as Jackie Taylor (Kelly's mom). It's been revealed that one of the main characters, "Silver" who uses her last name is actually Erin, Kelly and David's little sister.

Where am I gonna go for lunch?

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