Saturday, December 20, 2008

Robert Pattinson Got A Haircut

We were so used to him running his hand through his hair all the time. It almost seemed like his habit.

But Robert Pattinson no longer needs to do that sexy move as he showed his new buzz looking cut while leaving Smashbox Studios yesterday in Los Angeles.

Pattinson has been seen all over LA since his Twilight promoting days have concluded. He was spotted @ Il Sole earlier in the week with friends. Il Sole is a really small restaurant and heavily populated by celebrities. I've eaten there and the food is okay and you practically can hear everyone's conversation because you're situated in close proximity with the other patrons.

What's with all the rumors that Rob may be trying to get back with Camilla Belle? I didn't know they were even together for a time. True or not? She was allegedly spotted @ the LA premiere of Twilight but I didn't see any pictures of her. Uh-oh Joe Jonas, watch out cuz she'll most likely leave you for him.

And did Kristen Stewart really go to Russia?

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