Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So I'm Slacking

Yes, it seems I am starting to neglect my daily blogging. Part of it is that I've really been busy with my full time job and then I've been somewhat busy after hours as well. My motivation to keep things up start to dwindle as I try and get my somewhat chaotic existence in order. As well as my marbled up stresses in life.

I spent the weekend in Monterey and it was a lovely time. I did not go overboard with the pretty colored drinks and little drummer girl had a kick of a time with googly eyes.

The sun is out right now yet it is so cold. That's December for you here in the bay area.

I'm really enjoying Brothers & Sisters with Sally Field and Calista Flockhart right now and surprisingly, Gossip Girl was quite good last night. Ed Westwick did a really great job showing how he dealt with his grief with regards to his on screen dad's death. Is Bart really dead though? I don't know...

I'm in the process of switching car insurance companies. Oh, and I'd like to win the lottery.

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