Friday, October 31, 2008

Ellen Goes For Change

When I read that Ellen Degeneres dressed up as 'change' for her talk show, I though it was political with the election coming up and all.

I think that's what she kinda wanted us to think. But she figuratively came as 'change', as in coins and stuff. Pretty funny.

Go Ellen!

Medusa Martha Gossips With Cleopatra

Martha Stewart was all decked out for Halloween this morning as Medusa for her show and made a pumpkin marble cake with Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively, who came dressed as Cleopatra.

Blake has been a huge fan of Stewart's and her mom and sister flew out to New York just to see Martha, not Blake.

So that's what Lively would look like with dark hair.

The Today Show Posse

Following with their tradition, the Today show news team opened their broadcast in costume.

Matt Lauer was Humpty Dumpty, Meredith Viera, who was made up really good, dressed up as Pinnochio, Ann Curry was an elegant Cinderella, and Al Roker came as the Gingerbread man.

But Natalie Morales looked great. She was Princess Leia (nice ear buns) and her kids were dressed as Luke Skywalker and little Yoda.

Regis And Kelly Do Halloween 14 Times

As usual, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa do Halloween with various costume changes. A total of 14 for this year including Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.

They started off their show by appearing as Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Philbin and Ripa also took on the roles of Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus.

You can catch their various outfits on YouTube.

When is Kelly going to relive her Dance Party USA days and come out with a fat perm and full on pump?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Edward And Bella Romance In Rome

Twilight couple Edward Cullen and Bella Swan premiere their love story in Rome.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were on hand as throngs of fans greeted them in anticipation for the movie that's probably going to break box office records. The two stars were joined by director Catherine Hardwicke.

The Twilight tour begins on November 10th and the cast will be making appearances all over the place. Pattinson is expected to be in San Francisco on the 10th so be on the look out for major screaming.

Triple Threat Teen Drama Galore

Michael Ausiello over @ Entertainment Weekly reported earlier today that the CW has ordered additional episodes of their three young adult dramas.

One Tree Hill (Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, James Lafferty, Bethany Joy) has picked up steam this year and will be filming a total of 24 episodes for what could be their final season. Could it be because crazy nanny Carrie was just that loony that we couldn't help but watch? Or does everyone really love little Jamie? Really?

Newcomer 90210 (Jessica Stroup, Dustin Milligan, Shenae Grimes, Ryan Eggold, Rob Estes) has also been asked to shoot 24 shows for the 08-09 season. Original viewers will definitely be back once Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty begin to re-appear. And Jason Priestley is slated to direct an upcoming episode. Hopefully the one where Shannen and Jennie are in.

And of course, Gossip Girl (Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen). Theirs is the big one. The 2nd season has been phenomenal and the ratings have gone up up up. The CW had previously requested 2 additional episodes bringing their count to 24. They just tacked on one more show, bringing viewers 25 episodes for season 2. These kids will surely be banking bucks. Yay! More Dorota!

Twilight Photocall

Rome has two of the hottest stars in their vicinity. Lead actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart appeared with director Catherine Hardwicke for the Twilight Photocall @ the Rome Film Festival.

The trio were to make their way to the movie's premiere later in the evening.
No other stars from the movie? Where did Volchek go?

Buzzed Up John

Crooner John Mayer was @ the Blackberry Storm launch party last night @ The Avalon - Hollywood and spoke to reporters of course, but did not speak about recycled flame, Jennifer Aniston.

I really like his hair this way. It makes him so much hotter. And I dig his inked up arm too.

Meanwhile, Aniston was doing a photoshoot @ Smashbox Studios on Tuesday dressed up in business attire.

Twilight Feast

The current issue of Empire magazine has a beautiful photo of the cast of Twilight.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Cam Gigandet, Taylor Lautner, and Rachelle LaFevre are featured dining on a small pool of blood.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lauren Graham Heading To Broadway

Actress Lauren Graham, better known as Lorelai Gilmore of Gilmore Girls fame, will be heading to Broadway next year when she debuts as Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls.

Oliver Platt will co-star with Graham as Nathan Detroit. Previews begin February 3 and March 1st is the expected opening date.

I think Lauren Graham is a wonderful actress and she sings pretty darn okay. She sang I Will Always Love You on an episode of Gilmore Girls and Matthew Perry's friend can certainly carry a tune; You betcha! She was great in that scene.

Yay for Lauren!

Googly-Eyed For Only Each Other

Gossip Girl off-screen couple, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were strolling along this morning in Queens, NY as they headed to the set in their winter gear and big bright umbrella for two. Yeah, the huge red rain shielder won't make people pause to gawk @ them.

They must have been filming scenes though because Blake looks hella fixed up already. Usually you see her heading to the set with no make up, her iPhone glued to her ear, and her hair all mussed up.

And why are they all smiling and making googly eyes @ each other as if no one or no 50 paparazzo are snapping their every walking moment? Okay, they just must be that in love with each other. Or, really just filming.

Blake's older sister, Robyn (star of Teen Witch and that old WB soap, Savannah), was quoted over the weekend in LA saying the whole Lively clan just loves Penn, who turns 22 this Saturday. Lively and Badgley were home-schooled together when they were 11 years old and reconnected when both were cast on Gossip Girl. They've been dating about a year now.

Sidebar - Does Robyn still keep in touch with her old co-star, Jamie Luner? She was the other red-head on Savannah and was also on Just The Ten Of Us and Melrose Place as Lexie.

Bravin' The New York Weather

Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman were shopping in Soho on Tuesday dressed to fight off the rain in the city.

Bratman was carrying one of those plastic Thank You bags with his cup of coffee and both husband and wife stopped to smile @ the cameras.
Aww, I think they're cute. They're all twinkly in love.

Celeb Tot Playdates

How cute are they?

Yesterday in Coldwater Canyon Park in LA, Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale's oldest son, Kingston went on a play date with Ruby Sweetheart Maguire, Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer's little girl.

The two cute as can be kiddies were being wheeled around in a radio flyer wagon. Kingston hung on to Ruby as her mom followed closely with a nanny in tow.

Obama In Primetime

Tonight @ 8:00 pm, an infomercial will be telecast featuring Democrat Barack Obama and his race for the presidential seat. Obama purchased a 30 minute ad space to hopefully convince more voters his way.

The Senator is already leading in some key states and we shall all find out next week who will be the next President of The United States.

We're all going to go out and vote November 4th, yeah?

Lipstick Jungle Junked?

Say it isn't so! They may as well just cancel it altogether.

NBC announced it was doing a re-shuffle and moving Lipstick Jungle to Friday nights. The cast, Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, Lindsay Price, Andrew McCarthy, & Robert Buckley, may just as well shuffle their way back to LA in time for pilot season.

It seems to me that for some reason, it is hard to capture an audience where the program deals with women, their careers, friendships, and love lives. Basically, Sex & the City for the modern generation. Teen soaps (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210) flourish all over. Crime dramas (Law & Order, CSI, NCIS) keep being added. Medical shows (Grey's Anatomy, House, ER) remain high on the list. But Cashmere Mafia, Emily's Reasons Why Not, and possibly Lipstick Jungle are shows that if you blink, they're dunzo.

At least I still have How I Met Your Mother!

Melrose Place Redux

So the CW confirmed that it is actively pursuing the revival of 90's salacious nighttime soap, Melrose Place.

Is that a good idea? Are they going to go the new 90210 route and bring in new people to live in an apartment complex and have old regulars drop in?
Heather Locklear would so make an appearance and so many people would watch. Oh, I just remembered; Kristin Davis' character was killed off so she can't walk by the screen.

What about Alyssa Milano, who played mini-Manicini? No, thanks.

Marcia Cross and Doug Savant should take a drive out of Wisteria Lane and head straight to Hollywood. Kelly Rutherford could leave her kids again on the Upper East Side and Daphne Zuniga can give Brooke Davis her clothing design business back.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prison Break Does The Paley Center

The cast of Prison Break, including star Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies were on hand as The Paley Center for Media Presents: Prison Break.

The event was held in Beverly Hills last night and it gives fans a chance to see their favorite stars up close and personal as well as a photo and autograph session with time permitting @ the end of the discussion.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of these Paley events, I highly encourage it. It gives you insight on show development as well as input from the actors.

And yes, I am a Paley member.

Sidebar - Who remembers when Wentworth was on the cheering squad on the now defunct WB series, Popular?

Just Because

Look at what's happened to me
I can't believe it myself
Suddenly I'm up on top of the world
Should've been somebody else...

Believe it or not, I'm walking on air
I never thought I could feel so free
Flying away
On a wing and a prayer
Who could it be
Believe it or not, it's just me

Just like the light of a new day
It hit me from out of the blue
Breaking me out of the spell I was in
Making all of my wishes come true

Believe it or not, I'm walking on air
I never thought I could feel so free
Flying away
On a wing and a prayer
Who could it be
Believe it or not, it's just me

Who could it be
Believe it or not, it's just me

Monday, October 27, 2008

Aaron Rose, Kinda Charming

Okay, so Gossip Girl was pretty good tonight. Was Vanessa on a lot?

Best part of this episode was any scene that had Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair (Leighton Meester) together. They should totally have an ongoing weird friendship type relationship. And, maybe they will. I mean, she didn't deny to Dan she was in love with Chuck (Ed Westwick). And when Dan told Blair that the single most greatest thing in his life was when Serena (Blake Lively) first told him she loved him, she responded with, "But you broke up". I thought that would be the end but Dan's response was even more awesome, "Yeah, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't do it all over again". SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so squee-worthy. I don't want D & S to get back together right away but sprinkling in glimmers of hope each episode is just as amazing.

Jenny? Last week you looked cute and normal. This week, you have a maybe mullet, thick ass eyeliner, and Nate asking to hang out with you. Oh, shirtless Nate.

Was Nate (Chace Crawford) and Jenny's (Taylor Momsen) kiss kinda hot? Um, that would be a yes. And she's 15!

Chuck & Blair. Blair & Chuck. When are these two going to be a couple?

And Aaron Rose has an appeal. Serena so started crushing on him but held back when he asked her out because of Dan. Residual feelings much? But then Dan & Serena had a spat about Blair and I thought she was going to turn to Aaron just to spite Dan, but Dan apologized to her and she admitted her Aaron mini crush. He encouraged her to go for it; Half-heartedly though.

But then Serena saw Aaron (John Patrick Amedori) leave with another chick so she was, say it with me.... Crushed.

Curious Cruise

The Cruise Clan (well, three of them @ least) were out and about in New York City earlier today. Tom, Katie, and cutie Suri were walking hand in hand. Curious George and a bear went along for the stroll.

If Katie Holmes cuts her hair any shorter, it'll look just like Tom's hair and we don't want Suri to be confused as to which one is mommy and which one is daddy.

These two do nuk-nuk, right? Just askin'.

Oh, you guys...

Bella Swan In Spain

Twilight heroine, Kristen Stewart was in Madrid, Spain with co-star Cam Gigandet for the Crepusculo photocall.

Kristen is of course Fella Bella in the movie. I added the Fella cuz of her deep voice. Very pretty girl though and she looks good with Robert Pattinson.

Volchek looks pretty good, doesn't he? I forget which character he plays in Twilight so I'll just refer to him as Volchek.

And who's this lady? I know it isn't Stephanie Meyer, author extraordinaire. Is it? I thought she was brunette.

Ooh, It's almost time for the release.

Fella Bella will be on the Sarah Silverman program next month.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

DKNY Dinner

The Thompson Hotel in Los Angeles held the DKNY Men VIP Dinner and After Party for the 2008 GQ Luxe Lounge.

Brothers & Sisters co-stars Matthew Rhys (Kevin Walker) and Dave Annable (Justin Walker) were on hand as well as Emmy Rossum, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Isiah Washington and other actors I have never seen before.
On another note, It's so hot outside.