Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Elizabeth's Dim View

So will Elisabeth Hasselbeck be vacating her seat on The View?

Sources say the ex-survivor competitor is getting peeved @ her liberal co-hosts. Maybe it's the other way around. Elisabeth does have a tendency to ramble to the point of uncomfortableness. And of course, viewers enjoy watching the conflict.

Who can stand her? Who can't stand her? Who cares?

Badgley, Crawford, And Westwick

Their last names together do make them sound like a law firm, as Details magazine points out.

The male stars of Gossip Girl, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, and Ed Westwick cover the November issue of Details. These guys always take mucho attractive photos when it's the three of them.

The issue has them talking about Penn having to shave his chest hair because it's deemed "sexually threatening", Chace being labeled as a "gayface", and the meaning of Ed's tattoo's.

Dan, Nate, and Chuck were also flown to Sweden @ the beginning of the year to promote the show and take part in a photo shoot.

Penny, Are 'Ya Sick?

Janet Jackson canceled her concert last night in Montreal after suddenly becoming ill. She was taken to the hospital and released two hours later. Charlene (JJ's Different Strokes character) also nixed scheduled plans to perform in Boston and Philly tomorrow and Thursday. North Carolina still seems to be a go for Saturday.

What's funny is they still haven't disclosed what went wrong with Miss Nasty.

Maybe she caught whatever bug Jermaine Dupri had @ his birthday party when he reportedly threw up in her lap.

Rachel McAdams Pressing Up The Lucky Ones

Rachel McAdams was @ the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills last Friday doing press for her upcoming movie, The Lucky Ones. Was her last movie Red Eye? Was that the title? I keep forgetting she was on Mean Girls. That was fetch...

Wow, here she is wearing a nice pinkish/peachish concoction. Where's hottie Ryan Gosling?

Blake Lively Kissing Up John Patrick Amedori

So Blake Lively aka Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, was shooting a scene this morning in the middle of Times Square with John Patrick Amedori, the dude who plays Aaron Rose, her new boyfriend on the series. He'll appear in episode 8 I think. I don't know if it was for the show but while they were kissing, it splashed on the jumbo tron for all to see. It looked hella big, too. Dang, what's Badgley gonna say about that? Wonder if the rumor that Lively and Badgley have been fighting here and there ring true? Yet they're seen walking her dog @ 1am this weekend and eating out last night.

Speaking of Gossip Girl, last night's episode sucked ka-ka in my book. The only interesting parts were Chuck's (Ed Westwick) sad confession to Dan (Penn Badgley) and Bart's dossier on Lily. I actually left the room during the show and even changed the channel! And I've never done that. Even though Blair (Leighton Meester) was screeching loudly and annoyingly @ times, she didn't deserve the shit Serena gave her in their two solo scenes together.

"I'm just tired of trying to hold myself back so I don't outshine you" (or something like that). And then, the ultimatum she gave Blair @ the end! Oh, shut the fuck up, Serena. Blair's always had your back (Thanksgiving, backing Vanessa off Dan, searching the city for you all night, getting rid of Georgina, forgiving you for sexing up Nate, and so on). And I'm more of an S fan.

You know, Lipstick Jungle is getting really good. We should just watch that.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Kids On The Block - Oh, My

Who's excited for the New Kids on the Block concert? I am (raises hand)! After seeing a preview last night of their show in Boston after their Behind the Music special on VH-1, I am kinda looking forward to it. This deserves a squee!

Here are the men performing "My Favorite Girl"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heather, What Happened?

TV Queen Heather Locklear was arrested last night around 8:00 pm local time in Santa Barbara. She was pulled over for driving erratically under suspicion for being under the influence of prescription drugs.

Something seems to be going on with Sammy Jo. Whatever it is, take care of it. Amanda Woodward would not be pleased.

Tina Fey: Round 2 As Sarah Palin On SNL

Tina Fey pleasantly surprised us yet again with her Sarah Palin impersonation. Amy Poehler took on the role as Katie Couric re-enacting their interview earlier this week. The best line was when Fey asked to use one of her "lifelines" to "call a friend"; freaking hilarious!

Don't forget to watch the Vice Presidential debate this Thursday, Oct 02. Joe Biden versus Sarah Palin. Must.Watch.TV

Dylan Calls Brenda's Phone

Ugh! Here's a preview for the next episode of 90210. Dylan calls Brenda (Shannen Doherty) on her cell looking for Kelly (Jennie Garth).

I've been on Team Kelly for a long time now but I wasn't so much when Brenda was still on the show and they'd fight constantly. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Kelly is starting to irritate the f--k out of me because she's doing it again on the new 90210. A whole bitchy demeanor comes out and her attacks are uncalled for in regards to her snapping @ Brenda (even though she looks hecka old). Whatevs...

Scarlett And Ryan Get Hitched

People and Us Weekly have reported that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have gotten married over the weekend. The quiet, small event took place outside Vancouver. Reynolds was previously engaged to Alanis Morrisette. I wonder who nipped that in the bud?

I remember Ryan when he co-starred on Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place. Anyone recall that ABC show? Then he got hot all of a sudden and scored ScarJo!

This is the first marriage for Johansson, 23 and Reynolds, 31.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Relaxin' Saturday

It's a beautiful Saturday. Here in F-Mont that is.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Real Life 90210 Couple

Silver and Ethan sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Rumors have been circulating for months now that two of the stars on the new 90210, Jessica Stroup (Silver) and Dustin Milligan (Ethan), have been getting hot and heavy behind the scenes. And pictures have recently surfaced of the young duo leaving Jessica's place.

They kinda look good together, yeah? His cuteness is kinda growing on me.
And here's a pic of their co-star, Shenae Grimes (Annie) puffing away on a cancer stick. She is skinny.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why'd I Spend So Much?

That always happens to me. It probably happens to most of us. I go to Tarjay and it never fails; I always end up spending @ least $100. Things add up so quickly. I bought toilet paper, a small bottle of detergent, dental floss! Little drummer girl's goldfish crackers and deli meat. And a few other things of course but dang! And Sex and the City was sold out! I didn't think that would be possible. And to top it off, I glanced @ my receipt later and noticed the cashier charged me for an extra bottle of pop. Plus deposit!

There's $2.00 I'll never see again :(

Grey's Anatomy is Back!

Yay for all the GA viewers. We are treated to a 2 hour season premiere for their 5th season. And Derek (Patrick Dempsey) & Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) stay together. Forever. I love when my fave couples stay together. I don't find that boring @ all. Every show follows the cliche of putting a pair together and then breaking them up. For angst and sexual tension of course.

Sidebar - I never thought Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) would break up on Gilmore Girls, but of course, they followed the cliche. And then they got back together on the series finale and I felt cheated. No wedding, no nothin'.

But back to Grey's, what's up with that promo about Nurse Rose (what's her real name?) telling McDreamy she's preggers. Dream? Derek involved in a bad accident. Dream? Izzie (Katherine Heigl) still on the show. Dream?

Also exciting is the music they'll be playing throughout the episode. They have the best songs. Sometimes when you're going trough something or talking to someone, are you also imagining a song playing right then and there?

Oh, I don't.

Oh, Charlize Theron. So Wise

I think she may be my favorite person of the day. While promoting Battle in Seattle on Monday, she was asked about the "reality" show, The Hills. Her response to MTV News?

"I realized that this f----ng show is huge. Now I'm going to ask you a question: Why?"

LOL. Major LOL. She said more but I like these sentences.

And now Whitney is getting her own show based in New York. WTF? We've all seen her on Lauren's show, right? Does she really talk that? Robotic.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oy, Thee Yoda

Fear leads to anger

Anger leads to hate

Hate leads to suffering

BTW - Do you have a gum?

Fiesta Potatoes

I don't know why I went to Taco Bell for lunch. Maybe because I'm hooked on those Frutista Freeze drinks they sell. I should have just stuck to my packed lunch. Now I don't feel so good.

Also, I ordered those small cheesy fiesta potatoes and I wound up with a potato burrito. I didn't even know they sold that. I ate it anyway just so I wouldn't waste it.

Now I have to burn off these calories. 3,500 calories equals 1 pound. That's so much if one is trying to lose weight. I need to get in shape and I keep telling myself to work out during lunch; I practically asked the bosses to invest in an elliptical machine and who knows if anyone is using it now. I told myself tomorrow. Is that too soon? BAH!

Drew Barrymore Snogging Ed Westwick

Last night in Manhattan, the Kings of Leon had a show and Drew Barrymore & Ed Westwick (of Gossip Girl) also put on a show during the concert. They were macking. Making out. Necking. Kissy kissy. All that good stuff. When word got around, it was rumored to be Chace Crawford sucking face with Drew but concert goers confirmed it was Ed, although Chace was around. Vanity Fair even got a picture of the two in action but you can't see their faces.

Barrymore & Westwick were also @ the SNL after party last weekend. He with Gossip Girl co-stars Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, and Crawford. Her with Cameron Diaz maybe.

Chace sure has been spending quality time with his GG co-stars. He was with them on Saturday, had dinner with Penn & Blake (are they breaking up?) on Monday @ Nobu, and then buddied up with Ed last night. Will he be going to the movies tonight with Leighton Meester and Jessica Szohr?

Meg Ryan Says That Dennis Cheated

And cheated and cheated; while they were married and that Ryan didn't cheat on Mr. Quaid with Russell Crowe. And it was her who ended it with Russell Crowe. Really?

But some say that she cheated with Dennis Quaid while still with Goose! Anthony Edwards that is. Really?

Meg Ryan is on the cover of the latest In Style magazine.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Diane, Are You Wearing Underwear?

Richard Gere and Diane Lane commenced @ the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York tonight for the premiere of their movie, Nights in Rodanthe. I wonder if there's a scene where Diane is sitting in a train and then suddenly bolts to take off her underwear? HaHaHa! Classic. Oh, Unfaithful. The movie that is, where that scene takes place. I seem to always watch it when it's on TNT. I know you do too. Yes, I'm talking to...you.

Ice T was also @ the premiere. Is he in the movie?

Dance Party USA

Remember this show from the late 80's? God, I was obsessed with Dance Party USA and totally crushing on Ed-D Tully. Remember the lightening lip-syncs, Dance & Romance Thursday, Freaky Friday, and so on? And I know there are those closet DPU fans lurking around. I am proud/embarrassed to say that I have some shows on tape. But the best ones I recorded were on Betamax and have been searching for those for years so I can convert them to DVD's. But alas, they have gone missing. Betamax? Betamax?

Kelly Ripa is the most popular dance member to make it big. First, with All My Children and of course, cute as a button co-host of Live! with Regis and Kelly. But she never talks about it. One day, when I go to New York and watch a Live taping, I will flag her down and ask about her time on the show. Just like how I asked the members of Color Me Badd about their experience with the cast of 90210 eons and eons ago.

Some info about these regular dancers from Jersey (may have changed though):

Ed-D Tully is in real estate and is married with 2 kids

Chris Tully is a teacher and married with 3 sons

Bob Catalano is some adult film star in Puerto Rico, is it?

Princess (Heather Day) is a married mom who had an exercise video out

The Ware sisters, Sara & Ann - one of them is a teacher (was Greg Ware their brother?)

Joanna Mistretta - Who's interested?

Jimmy Jam is some sort of DJ or music affiliated employed

They used to have clips on You Tube but it looks like they were all removed; strange.

Okay, Buster - 1 out of 2 requests fulfilled. I'll get to the other one later.


I'm sorry, but Gossip Girl was so good last night. I thoroughly enjoyed Serena easily taking over the Queen B (or S in her case) status, stemming from her sadness. Just like that, she turned on her inner bitch. Blake Lively owned that episode! I loved how everyone shunned Dan (Penn Badgley) @ the end because she silently said so. And her slo-mo walk in the courtyard was genius. Poor Blair; she didn't do anything but watch out for S & mourn the demise of her relationship with the Lord because he was banging his cougar step-mom. Maybe the minions will leave Jenny alone since Serena seems to be fond of her and vice-versa. Nate? A blip on screen? And all this shit kept hitting the fan because Chuck Bass was behind everything! Amanda (didn't really like Dan, HA!), the Nairtini, Dan's trip to loserville, the rise of S and the fall of B. Bravo! And the scene when Serena wraps her scarf around Blair indicating she was back in control was scary. How long before S's Chanel scarves bow out and B's headbands make a return?

In real life GG news, Leighton Meester attended the Kids for Kids Carnival in NYC last Saturday with boyfriend Sebastian Stan (who played Carter Baizen, ex van der Woodsen bed buddy), Kelly Rutherford, and Connor Paolo.

And Monday afternoon, Leighton was rehearsing scenes with Lively (can I have her scarf?) and Chuck Bass himself, Ed Westwick.

Shannen Is All Gappy

That seems to be the topic regarding Shannen Doherty, best known as 90210's Brenda Walsh; her gap. What is up with it? At first, I could have sworn her gap was not in the middle, but on the side of her front teeth. You could totally see it during the early 90210 years. And now all of a sudden, it's in between her two front teeth. Just. How. Did. That. Happen? I tried looking for various pictures of her but she tends to not show her teeth and present a closed mouth smile.

What do you think? Anyone? Anyone?

Oh, and yesterday it was announced that the new 90210 has been picked up for a full season. I'm not feeling it as much. Kelly, Brenda, and Nat (plus the unseen Willie) do the trick for me but once they all say bye-bye, I may as well follow.

Sex And The City - The Movie

Yay! The Sex and the City movie (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, & Kristin Davis) comes out and I know you're all excited. I'm excited. Davis as Charlotte owns the scene where she yells @ Chris Noth's Mr. Big, "No! No!" Oh, yeah!

And you know what else comes out today? Yes, that's right. Cashmere Mafia! The short lived ABC drama (starring Lucy Lui and others) from earlier this year has been preserved. Well, the handful of episodes that they filmed. Should I buy it? If they only preserved Models, Inc!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Return Of Television

Monday kicks off the season premieres of the most watched television shows. So few I have to remember, like Lipstick Jungle on Wednesday.

In the 8:00 hour tonight, three shows I follow are on @ the same time. What to do.

Dancing With The Stars kicks off a 3 night turn with all new contestants and not so great interviews by Samantha Harris. I hope Toni Braxton does well.How I Met Your Mother is on @ 8:30 and Kristin from E! News reported that a wedding was filmed last Friday. Was it Stella & Ted? Barney & Robin?
And of course Gossip Girl is supposed to be a really good episode. Serena shows her mean streak and takes the throne as Queen lashing out @ both Dan & Blair due to her break up with Dan.

James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live and Cameron Diaz made a surprise appearance as a cougar and Blake Lively showed up in a digital short talking about her small penis. Excellent.

I Hear....
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Manic Monday

The Emmy's were so boring I fell asleep in the middle of it all and woke up towards the very end. I'm so happy for Tina Fey and 30 Rock though and felt that Neil Patrick Harris should have won for How I Met Your Mother.

Gosh, the best part was probably catching a glimpse of Susannah Hoffs from the Bangles. She's married to director Jay Roach, who won an award or two. She should've stormed the stage with her guitar and started playing Hazy Shade of Winter. Who wants my copy of All-Nighter? Why do I have a copy of All-Nighter?

Another hilarious moment was the TV Guide channel's red carpet arrivals. Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone were interviewing Cloris Leachman about Dancing With The Stars and Cloris revealed that when they were doing blocking last week, she went pee-pee in her pants. OMG! Goodness gracious, why would she reveal that on national TV? And then Lisa Rinna suggested they provide Depends for her! Very odd indeed.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emmy Awards - Will It Be A Yawn Fest?

So the Emmy Awards is on tonight and I'm not as excited as I used to be. Could I be growing out of my award show phases? The Oscars, AMA's, MTV VMA's, Golden Globes, etc. seemed so much more thrilling years and years ago. Now I seem to casually stumble upon these shows @ random.

Oh well. Mad Men will most likely sweep and 30 Rock should get recognized. We'll see.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Robert Pattinson Sweats It Off

The October issue of Interview has James Franco on the cover but there's a feature on Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen. The 22 year old Twilight talks about stuff.