Saturday, November 15, 2008

Corned Beef Is So Expensive Now

I was up and around by 6:30 this morning. And when I stepped outside to go to Starbucks a few hours later, it was like a light was being shined in my eyes. It is sunny outside. And hot. Oh, to live in California where it's the middle of November and it's almost 80 degrees.

And with it being 80 outside, I step in to Starbucks and you hear Christmas music playing and gingerbread lattes being offered. Really? The holidays are already upon us?

Then I impulsively decide to go to Costco to get my supply of corned beef. Man, did the price of those things go up or what? It went up hella! From being $6.00+ to $8.79 to a whopping $12.99. I guess I know what I have to add to my list of cutbacks.

Oh, and the people in front of me purchased what looked to be thousands of boxes of TheraFlu. And Irish Spring!

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