Friday, November 14, 2008

ER Is Still Must Watch TV

ER has been on the air for 15 years now and even though it isn't bringing in the ratings it used to, it's still riveting television.

I have pretty much watched it consistently, give or take a season where I've missed a few episodes, and the storylines always keep me tuned in. This is probably the one show where I don't ship a particular couple and squee @ romance, if any.

And the revolving cast members don't phase me too much.

But alas, ER is in its final season and last night's episode was effing brilliant! Anthony Edwards made a guest appearance as the late Dr. Mark Green in flashbacks Dr. Banfield (the kick ass Angela Bassett) had from years ago when she first stepped into the ER, aiding her sick child who had a case of undiagnosed leukemia.

Not only did Edwards appear, but Laura Innes who played Dr. Kerry Weaver and Paul McCrane as the assy Dr. Romano. Their bits were short but very welcoming. It made the scenes more real. I wondered if they were going to sprinkle old cast members in and not just have Green work with the still around nurses. I was not disappointed. Although I was hoping for Sherry Stringfield (Susan! Lewis). Doris the EMT was even there! And so was Jerry (who aged)!

Oh, and Eriq LaSalle (Benton!) paid tribute to the late Michael Crichton who created ER. It was also good to see him in any ER capacity again.

From Gloria Rueben's guest star appearance last season to more Anthony Edwards flashbacks later this season to Noah Wyle (John Carter) planning his own mini return, ER is sure to go out with a bang, regardless if George Clooney comes back or not.

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