Monday, November 10, 2008

Robert Pattinson Appearance Canceled In San Fran

Craziness ensued early this morning @ the Stonestown Galleria when police were forced to cancel Twilight star Robert Pattinson's appearance @ Hot Topic tonight. 500 wrist bands were to be distributed and thousands of fans flocked to the mall as early as midnight to secure their place in Pattinson's presence.

It seems that the city did not realize the strength of this movie and its loyal fans by not garnering what should have been more security and efficient crowd control.

Today was supposed to be the kick off of the Twilight tour where cast members were to travel to different cities to meet the fans and promote what is possibly to become a high grossing film.

Unfortunately for San Franciscans, that meet and greet can no longer be. Fans from as far away as Los Angeles and Hawaii traveled to the bay area for their chance meeting with Edward Cullen.

Here's hoping that the next scheduled city stops are better prepared.


kaila said...


there were about 2 thousand people there. and it is all the mall and hot topic's fault!

i got there at 4am and waited along with people that got there as early as 9pm the night before. while in line i met a girl from hawaii! HAWAII! girls came all that way for NOTHING!

police were there, the news was there, helicopters, the fire department, it was INSANE!

everyone is SO disappointed.

everyone is SO angry. all we wanted was to meet him.

when i got there with my friends we had to wait in the parking lot and all of the sudden hundreds of people run to the door of the mall. we were all squeezed so close together people were fainting.

there was no security, nothing. the police came about 2 hours later.

how was the mall not expecting this!?

so many disappointed girls..... so many angry girls.

The Flower Girl said...

After all the drama that took place in the morning, it was announced by Rob himself (while appearing on View from the Bay) that the event was not canceled afterall.
The Flask Twins and Juicy were fortunate enough to have been one of the first groups that were sold shirts and given wristbands before the event was canceled earlier that morning. Our Twilight gang stood in line since Midnight and was involved in the stampede that took place at the mall. They returned around 4pm to wait in another line for people that obtained wristbands. Rob arrived at about 620pm and the signings began. Our crew were one of the lucky 500 people that BRIEFLY met Rob, recieved a poster and an autograph. The best part...our very own "Googly Eyes" of Catts Commentary also met Rob and received a sign poster!