Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The JA Rocks Vogue

The lovely Jennifer Aniston will be on the December issue of Vogue magazine and answers some tough questions about her personal life.

Aniston has exchanged very few words with ex-husband, Brad Pitt and even commented on the fact that John Mayer easily spilled that he dumped her to the paparazzi. JA declared that would not happen again. But what won't happen again, Jen? Meaning if they break up (again), Mayer isn't allowed to speak of it and who did the dumping? Or that they will never break up?

And Angelina Jolie? Uncool, according to Jen Jen.

Pick up the new issue of Vogue to read more on Jennifer and what's been going on with her.

And don't forget to catch her on 30 Rock this Thursday!

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