Saturday, November 8, 2008

James Lafferty And Sophia Bush Coupled Up

During a recent interview with a local CW station, One Tree Hill star, Chad Michael Murray casually outed his co-star and ex-wife, Sophia Bush, dating their other co-star, James Lafferty.

Pictures of Bush and Lafferty together have surfaced here and there and the rumors have been going on for a while that the two were an item.

Murray said they all get along and it's now easier for him and Sophia to work together. Who knows if that's still true considering James and Sophia have not gone public, public with their togetherness. Which isn't a bad thing that they keep their relationship to themselves.

Brooke Davis and Nathan Scott were recently photographed on October 24 getting ready to board a plane in Wilmington, NC, where the series shoots.

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