Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where Art Thou Wilson Phillips?

Yes, I listen to alternative music. Yes, I listen to freestyle music. Yes, I listen to mainstream pop music. I also listen to indie alternative and some R&B. But if anyone knows me well, my favorite musical act of all time has gots to be Wilson Phillips (Carnie & Wendy Wison and childhood pal Chynna Phillips). Don't laugh and don't ask me why.

I never got to see them live. The closest was when they were opening up for Richard Marx and I proudly made my dad buy me tickets. Then BAH! The show was canceled! And then they disbanded a couple of years later. Double BAH!

When they broke up, their friendship soured and I was acrushed. When they reunited in 2004, I was ecstatic. They did an album of cover songs from their youth and it did moderately medium. They were even planning to go on tour. I had already secured a friend (Buster) to accompany me because no one else I knew was remotely interested. And I think Buster only agreed because years ago, she upset me when we went into Amoeba, I think, and she refused to buy their first disc.....for $0.99!!!

During the album promoting, Wendy and Chynna revealed they were preggers. And then they disappeared again! And then Carnie had a baby. And then, Wendy got pregnant again and delivered twins! My chances of seeing them live became slim to none! BAH again!
Fast forward to the present. Wendy and her family appeared on Super Nanny and I thought she was supposed to release a CD of dance music. She and Carnie did a little bit of touring but I don't know that they are still active. They were doing casinos, I think.

And Chynna relocated her family with Billy Baldwin from New York to Los Angeles so he can film his TV series, Dirty Sexy Money, which is set in New York. The couple recently hosted a fundraiser for Barack Obama @ their Santa Barbara residence. They raised $58,000 and here's the kicker; Chynna supposedly sang a set from her new album. New album? Solo album? What about the Wilson's? Naked and Sacred, Part II?

Wilson Phillips. Very harmonious...

End thought.

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