Thursday, October 16, 2008

My, My, Edward Cullen's Looking Hot

Robert Pattinson was @ the LA premiere of Sex Drive last night and his hair was all in disarray but perfectly coiffed @ the same time.

The 22 year old star of Twilight will be in Austin this weekend for the film festival to support his film, How To Be. And then it will also show @ the Gotham Screen Film Festival in New York City on Saturday, November 1st. Word is that the two screenings are sold out.

Sold out, huh? All the Twilight fanatics want their fill of Pattinson / Cullen boy.

The Twilight premiere is set for November 17th in LA. It sure to be a frenzy with sleep overs in cars and in the street just to secure a nice shiny spot in front of those barricades.

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