Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Really? A Prada Phone?

My friend, KP, e-mailed me this info yesterday noting it blogworthy.

And yeah, I'm blogging about it. LG and Prada are mixing it up. They released a Prada inscripted phone, which sold about a million globally. And towards the end of the month, LG is hoping to market Prada II in Europe. The cost to have the word Prada etched on your QWERTY sliders? Eight hundred sixteen dollars (600 Euros). There's an FM radio, 5-megapixel camera, WiFi, and other juggernauts.

Dang! We all know Prada don't design no phones. Do they? So LG paid the fashionista brand a bunch of money to use their logo/name?

Hey, I'm all into these designers as much as the next person, but who's going to buy this? Celebs would probably get it for free. That's if they desire a European device.

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