Monday, October 27, 2008

Bella Swan In Spain

Twilight heroine, Kristen Stewart was in Madrid, Spain with co-star Cam Gigandet for the Crepusculo photocall.

Kristen is of course Fella Bella in the movie. I added the Fella cuz of her deep voice. Very pretty girl though and she looks good with Robert Pattinson.

Volchek looks pretty good, doesn't he? I forget which character he plays in Twilight so I'll just refer to him as Volchek.

And who's this lady? I know it isn't Stephanie Meyer, author extraordinaire. Is it? I thought she was brunette.

Ooh, It's almost time for the release.

Fella Bella will be on the Sarah Silverman program next month.

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Charmed said...

That cutie is James (movie name) the vamp villain. The lady is the Director. Yeah...yeah..yah..I'm a Twilight fanatic.