Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Melrose Place Redux

So the CW confirmed that it is actively pursuing the revival of 90's salacious nighttime soap, Melrose Place.

Is that a good idea? Are they going to go the new 90210 route and bring in new people to live in an apartment complex and have old regulars drop in?
Heather Locklear would so make an appearance and so many people would watch. Oh, I just remembered; Kristin Davis' character was killed off so she can't walk by the screen.

What about Alyssa Milano, who played mini-Manicini? No, thanks.

Marcia Cross and Doug Savant should take a drive out of Wisteria Lane and head straight to Hollywood. Kelly Rutherford could leave her kids again on the Upper East Side and Daphne Zuniga can give Brooke Davis her clothing design business back.

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Lys said...

I dunno - I don't think it will enjoy the same success. I mean, c'mon - the first season dragged a bit until Amanda jumped on board. I still love MP and I just would have for them to ruin the franchise.

Then again, just my opinion :)