Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Googly-Eyed For Only Each Other

Gossip Girl off-screen couple, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were strolling along this morning in Queens, NY as they headed to the set in their winter gear and big bright umbrella for two. Yeah, the huge red rain shielder won't make people pause to gawk @ them.

They must have been filming scenes though because Blake looks hella fixed up already. Usually you see her heading to the set with no make up, her iPhone glued to her ear, and her hair all mussed up.

And why are they all smiling and making googly eyes @ each other as if no one or no 50 paparazzo are snapping their every walking moment? Okay, they just must be that in love with each other. Or, really just filming.

Blake's older sister, Robyn (star of Teen Witch and that old WB soap, Savannah), was quoted over the weekend in LA saying the whole Lively clan just loves Penn, who turns 22 this Saturday. Lively and Badgley were home-schooled together when they were 11 years old and reconnected when both were cast on Gossip Girl. They've been dating about a year now.

Sidebar - Does Robyn still keep in touch with her old co-star, Jamie Luner? She was the other red-head on Savannah and was also on Just The Ten Of Us and Melrose Place as Lexie.

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Lys said...

Savannah is my *all time* favorite soap. C'mon - Jaime Lunar, Robyn Lively, that other guy AND GEORGE EADS... I have that set on DVD - will have to rewatch it.

I had no idea to connect Blake Lively with Robyn Lively until Perez talked about it last week...