Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Kids Are Fine Men

New Kids on the Block played @ the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA last night and goddamn, it was such a good show. You couldn't help but get in to it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My companions, Buster, Goose and friends totally loved it as did Flower Girl, Jean Jacket and the flask buddies.
Even the girl sitting in front of us who either came from work or was heading to work after the show got her groove on despite being in her uniform. I loved her dance moves!

Lady GaGa and Natasha Bedingfield totally kicked ass with their performances. Bedingfield even came out after her set to sign CD's and shirts. Too bad I missed that opportunity to meet her.

And Jordan's solo performance with his shirt blowing open was not cheesy @ that moment. God, he has a killer body! They all do. Even my favorite, Jon Knight. Hi, Danny Wood.

They're playing Las Vegas right this very minute. And since it's Vegas, of course there's an after party.

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The Flower Girl said...

The flask buddies met Natasha B and got a cd and autograph for Juicy. Natasha is her fave singer.

When the flask buddies returned, the taller one got hit in the head by some lady dancing hella hard. It was hilarious!

The "If you go away" montage reminded all of us of Diamond Girl.

Best show ever. I loved every minute of it.

La la la la la la Tonite...