Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LA And NYC Full Of Filming

Television shows are in production all over La La Land and New Yawk. Those cities are so huge yet overly populated, I wonder how easy it is to spot filming?

Prison Break, Numbers, Dirty Sexy Money, and Terminator are scheduled to be shooting all over the Los Angeles area today.

Fringe, starring Pacey Witter, oops, I meant Joshua Jackson, will be filming in Brooklyn College. Fringe also had their press conference last Saturday @ the Waldorf Astoria.

Gossip Girl and Lipstick Jungle are also in Brooklyn town today. They should all just do cross over appearances.

Brooke Shields was spotted shooting scenes on Monday for Lipstick Jungle. Have I mentioned that I like that show? It's on @ the same time as DSM though.

CSI:New York, Law & Order, and SVU are also filming the streets of Broadway, Madison, and so on.

How about filming in the bay area, like Vacaville or San Carlos?


The Flower Girl said...

This past Saturday, RA Cullen and I were in SF working an event at the Omni Hotel on California Street. We were excited when we say a convoy of cops on bikes (like in Chips) escorting one of those trucks with a camera and it was dragging a car. So we knew they were filming for a movie. We held our breath to see what actor/actress we would see. What we did see was a dog in some sort of basket on top of a car. How disappointing. It's probably for some Disney movie where the animals talk or something. Oh wells for us...

Catt James said...

LOL! How funny. Thanks for sharing. I dig it.

When is your next blog installment?