Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did 90210 Rule?

So what did you all think of 90210 last night? I thought it was alright, it held my interest for the 2 hours. But it was so exciting to see Brenda (Shannen Doherty) run up to Nat & Kelly (Jennie Garth) around 9:30ish. God, I almost peed in my pants! The other storylines unfolding seem okay. Silver is the most interesting character I think, Navid is cute, and if Harry (Rob Estes) does have an adult son with Naomi's mom, chances are they'll make it Ryan the teacher. That's my hunch. And Kelly's baby daddy is probably Dylan and not Brandon. Brandon isn't the type to be off in Belize somewhere if he knew he had a child, especially with Kelly.

A few thoughts:

Why didn't Willie show?

Nat sure aged in the last decade

Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez

Oh, Linda Gray!

Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) isn't that bad, she resembles Annie

Tabitha is sure a pistol

The reviews were promising from the critics so here's hoping they pulled in some good numbers.


The Flower Girl said...

Here are my thoughts:

I dont like the lead (Breanda wannabe). I dont even know her name. The chick from Degrassi. I feel like she is cheesy and tries too hard. Seems fake.

The kids arent all that attractive. The best looking people on the show are Kelly and the teacher.

I agree with you that the teacher is probably the child of Melrose Place and the blonde.

I like Silver, but why cant they just call her Erin.

I really only liked when they mentioned the 90210 characters of the past. Like Brandon and how Mel cheated on Jackie again.

I agree that the babydaddy is probably Dylan. Brandon would not have left Kelly alone to raise a child.

Brenda looked weird. Something seems off. I kinda wish the words they (B and K) spoke about a reconciliation was true in real life.

Nat's hair has a tint of red in it. Will he and Andrea's kid be a reoccuring character? I wonder if Andrea and Jessie are back in town?

I think the second hour was better than the first. I am sure this show will do okay on CW. Anywhere else would be kinda risky...

I wonder how DG's first day of kinder is going? She is getting so old now.

All my love to googley eyes/mop head who is so much more mature now that he's in the 4th grade. Diamond heart aches for you! Eeps!

Junior Sibling said...

Nope, Joe E. Tata RULES!

OG 90210 > New 90210 - I didn't even finish watching it last night, they're trying way to hard. Is it me or does that blonde girl(the one that had the party) look like Beast from Beauty and the Beast....