Friday, September 5, 2008

Pretty In Pink Problematic?

I was reading an article about something and there was a quote from director Howard Deutch, who helmed Pretty In Pink. He said that Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald did not get along during filming. I'm wondering a loud if that's true because didn't those two team up again in '87 or '88 to film Fresh Horses? But they sure had some chemistry for two people that weren't fond of each other. DVD owners of the special edition have said that Rinwald came across as arrogant during the commentary. I totally liked Blaine and Andie together and wanted to watch Fresh Horses so bad even though it looked like a horrible film.

Deutch also directed my all time favorite movie, Some Kind of Wonderful. That's how he met his wife, Lea Thompson (who played Amanda Jones), who moved on to Caroline in the City. God, that was a bad show, wasn't it?

Oh, and I still haven't seen Fresh Horses.

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