Monday, September 22, 2008

The Return Of Television

Monday kicks off the season premieres of the most watched television shows. So few I have to remember, like Lipstick Jungle on Wednesday.

In the 8:00 hour tonight, three shows I follow are on @ the same time. What to do.

Dancing With The Stars kicks off a 3 night turn with all new contestants and not so great interviews by Samantha Harris. I hope Toni Braxton does well.How I Met Your Mother is on @ 8:30 and Kristin from E! News reported that a wedding was filmed last Friday. Was it Stella & Ted? Barney & Robin?
And of course Gossip Girl is supposed to be a really good episode. Serena shows her mean streak and takes the throne as Queen lashing out @ both Dan & Blair due to her break up with Dan.

James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live and Cameron Diaz made a surprise appearance as a cougar and Blake Lively showed up in a digital short talking about her small penis. Excellent.

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