Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All About The CW Teen Shows

Why must I get sucked in to all these teen shows? They'll never end.

Let's go backwards here.
First, did anybody watch Privileged? It held my attention but I may be able to do without this one (Zach from the OC!). It'll probably last the entire season and I have a feeling it may not make it.

I thought last night's 90210 was better than the 2 hour premiere. Clearly, Jessica Stroup ("Erin Silver") is way better than Shenae Grimes ("Annie Wilson"). It does look like "Annie" is trying too hard with her acting and it's funny, because she did so well playing Darcy on Degrassi. What gives? And the guys aren't that hot. Ryan and Harry (Rob Estes) are the best looking ones. The fellow who plays Ethan is kinda good looking but he's no Zack Morris. Give us more Kelly, Silver, and Jackie scenes please! What was up with Naomi's facial expressions the entire episode? I think Junior Sibling liked the way she looked last night. Here's her picture just for you, JS.
One Tree Hill. Nathan (James Lafferty) and Lucas (Chad Michael Murray); there's some good looking bros. Okay, okay, Skillz (Flower Girl's favorite) too! Nanny Carrie is crazy! Me thinks that Daphne Zuniga hired that thug to beat and rob Brooke's store but targeted Millicent and B Davis got caught in the crossfire. Nanny Carrie and Zuniga co-starred as mother and daughter on one of the shows I liked but got canceled (again!); Beautiful Girls on ABC Family.

And the best part on Gossip Girl? No, not Blair (Leighton Meester) catching Nate (Chace Crawford) humping her boyfriend's mother. Not Dan (Penn Badgley) & Serena (Blake Lively) having nuk-nuk in Jitney bathrooms and elevators. But Blair's right hand maid, Dorota (probably my favorite character) leading Dan to Blair's party. In sunglasses! Best.Scene.Ever.

And then Blair taking Dan by the hand, "Dan! Hi! Come meet the Lord!"

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Junior Sibling said...

"The BEAST" is the most unattractive female ever! How can she possibly be an actress looking like that....woof!