Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Do You Need New Shoes?

My little drummer girl starts her first day of school tomorrow (Holla!) but the one thing I didn't get for her was new shoes. I did buy them, they're just not here yet. I ordered them online and if anyone knows me @ all, I am a HUGE online shopper. I bought my car online (carsdirect), my TV online (Amazon), little drummer girls laptop (DELL), and her shoes online (Nordstrom). But that's another story. So this begs the question; do you have to have new shoes to go with the new backpack and everything else that's new? Who's to notice? Yeah, yeah, I probably would. Poor little drummer girl; people will look down @ her feet and see her beat up footwear (kawawa).

I think we're going to end up taking a trip to the mall in Newark.

Sidebar - I've been feeling lethargic all day today. What gives?

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Junior Sibling said...

MopHead didn't get new shoes yet either. He's pretty good about it though, I think kids don't really notice until they hit middle school...which is in 2 years for MH. He still has a ton of shoes that'll do for now.

eeps to my BOOM!