Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah and Vinnie Regaining Listeners

There seems to be a high volume of interest in the bay area's Sarah and Vinnie show on Alice 97.3. I'm one of those folks who are glad to be listening as they have recaptured my interest for some reason. I don't know what it is. And to have Kathy back is pretty cool, isn't it? And when Uzette fills in for her, it's just as cool. When are they all going to be on air @ the same time?

But they have somewhat of a new format. They are starting to play music in the last hour I think. I was surprised around 9:30 when songs were playing. I thought they switched times and got off the air a half hour before 10. We'll see if it works for them.

Sarah and Vinnie are throwing a breakfast next Tuesday @ Tres Agaves. Is Kathy going? What about Uzette?

Sarah's been around a hella long time! Usually, DJ's come and go, but she's remained with the station for over a decade. Does she share the same agent as Don Bleu?

Share your thoughts on this duo.

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The Flower Girl said...

Do you remember that Sarah Clark was actually the one who called N "Googley Eyes" for the first time. He was still a baby...and we went to one of their events.