Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm sorry, but Gossip Girl was so good last night. I thoroughly enjoyed Serena easily taking over the Queen B (or S in her case) status, stemming from her sadness. Just like that, she turned on her inner bitch. Blake Lively owned that episode! I loved how everyone shunned Dan (Penn Badgley) @ the end because she silently said so. And her slo-mo walk in the courtyard was genius. Poor Blair; she didn't do anything but watch out for S & mourn the demise of her relationship with the Lord because he was banging his cougar step-mom. Maybe the minions will leave Jenny alone since Serena seems to be fond of her and vice-versa. Nate? A blip on screen? And all this shit kept hitting the fan because Chuck Bass was behind everything! Amanda (didn't really like Dan, HA!), the Nairtini, Dan's trip to loserville, the rise of S and the fall of B. Bravo! And the scene when Serena wraps her scarf around Blair indicating she was back in control was scary. How long before S's Chanel scarves bow out and B's headbands make a return?

In real life GG news, Leighton Meester attended the Kids for Kids Carnival in NYC last Saturday with boyfriend Sebastian Stan (who played Carter Baizen, ex van der Woodsen bed buddy), Kelly Rutherford, and Connor Paolo.

And Monday afternoon, Leighton was rehearsing scenes with Lively (can I have her scarf?) and Chuck Bass himself, Ed Westwick.

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Lys said...

It was a good ep. I sooo want that bag.