Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dance Party USA

Remember this show from the late 80's? God, I was obsessed with Dance Party USA and totally crushing on Ed-D Tully. Remember the lightening lip-syncs, Dance & Romance Thursday, Freaky Friday, and so on? And I know there are those closet DPU fans lurking around. I am proud/embarrassed to say that I have some shows on tape. But the best ones I recorded were on Betamax and have been searching for those for years so I can convert them to DVD's. But alas, they have gone missing. Betamax? Betamax?

Kelly Ripa is the most popular dance member to make it big. First, with All My Children and of course, cute as a button co-host of Live! with Regis and Kelly. But she never talks about it. One day, when I go to New York and watch a Live taping, I will flag her down and ask about her time on the show. Just like how I asked the members of Color Me Badd about their experience with the cast of 90210 eons and eons ago.

Some info about these regular dancers from Jersey (may have changed though):

Ed-D Tully is in real estate and is married with 2 kids

Chris Tully is a teacher and married with 3 sons

Bob Catalano is some adult film star in Puerto Rico, is it?

Princess (Heather Day) is a married mom who had an exercise video out

The Ware sisters, Sara & Ann - one of them is a teacher (was Greg Ware their brother?)

Joanna Mistretta - Who's interested?

Jimmy Jam is some sort of DJ or music affiliated employed

They used to have clips on You Tube but it looks like they were all removed; strange.

Okay, Buster - 1 out of 2 requests fulfilled. I'll get to the other one later.

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Lys said...

Sorry - had to laugh!!! *LOL* I was more of a fan of the older years, i.e. 87/88 and when Ed-D first started. Good luck askin' Kel about the show - she might not comment. Greg Ware was not related to Ann or Sarah. Bob is in S. America doing his *ahem* work.

From what I heard, the YouTube clips were removed due to some "copyright" b.s. from the production company but eeehhh -everyone is used to it. You belong to the MySpace group, right?