Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who Is It?

On tonight's 90210, we are supposed to learn either the identity of Kelly Taylor's baby daddy or more info that would lead us to a likely conclusion. Kelly (Jennie Garth) did say it was someone she was with in high school. That doesn't necessarily rule out Brandon (Jason Priestley) just cause they dated in college and after. They do have high school history.

Word on the street (meaning my computer in my office) is that an original male cast member will be appearing but they haven't disclosed who it is just yet. It may be Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Ian Ziering (no thanks), or James Eckhouse!

The little boy who plays Kelly's son sure has hair like a Sanders kid.

Who is it?

Dylan McKay

Steve Sanders

Nat Visichio (?)

Brandon Walsh

The guy that didn't know if he was gay or not

Ross Webber

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