Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Women Premiere

The cast of the long overdue film, The Women premiered on Thursday @ Mann's Theatre in Hollywood. Warren Beatty came out to support his wife and cast member, Annette Bening. Will Smith also showed up with wife Jada Pinkett Smith (it's a Different World...). Who knows who lead star Meg Ryan came with but Cloris Leachman was there! She signed the most autographs! Debra Messing didn't even bother going over to sign there or @ the after party. I've heard stories about her during her Will & Grace days and how she wasn't cool. I thought it may have been a mistake but maybe not so. Eva Mendes, who plays the other woman on the film, showed up and happily signed photos.

The Women opens this Friday, Sept 12th and there isn't a man shown in the entire film. Is that how the original was? I've read many comments stating they should have never remade this picture. We'll wait and see...

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