Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Stroll

With a vow to not drink alcohol this weekend, I got up this morning and decided to get little drummer girl dressed and drive to the Stanford shopping mall. It was a nice day so we walked through the outdoor vicinity. I picked up a few items for myself. Why not?

I don't remember which store we were in but some chick walked up to little drummer girl and threw her some compliments. She asked her how old she was and what was her name; little drummer girl answered her, which surprised me. I said thanks and thought she'd be on her way but she stood there and I freaked out a little. She introduced herself ("Hi, I'm Rachel") and then revealed her purpose; "Rachel" was a recruiter from LA and there was an invitation only casting call happening tomorrow and they were looking for kids to audition for TV shows. Even though she has a knack for reviewing shows and then asking me to act out scenes with her, I declined stating the reserved and camera shy persona that is little drummer girl. Maybe after some time has passed and little drummer girl starts to become less reserved, will "we" pursue our Tina Yothers dream.

Oh man, I forgot to check and see if Sprinkles had already opened. Gotta go back for sure.

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