Thursday, July 10, 2008

About Nothing

So this is my first blog ever. Who'll read this? Probably just me. So why don't I just go the old journal route? That's no fun. I'm totally hoping some random folk will stumble upon this site and be uplifted by my words of wisdom. Or lack thereof. So here we go...It's thursday evening and it's insanely warm. I worked like 10 hours today and didn't accomplish much. I skipped lunch and opted for 100 calorie thin chips and those little $4.00 energy drinks that's supposed to keep me alert for @ least 5 hours. Yeah, there's $4.00 I'll never see again. Last time I make an impulse decision @ the register. What else? Nothing I deem too exciting in celebrityville. And Obama accepted Jesse Jackson's apology.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what about the $4K that I'll never see again : ( oh wait...i didn't pay this time. So what did Rev. Jackson do? xoxo, Jorge