Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cash 4 Gold

Have you seen those commercials that are offering to buy your old gold jewelry for cash? Apparently they'll pay so much for it you'll be able to afford to go on vacation. Wow! Better go dig up those old herringbones from the 80's you bought from Paul @ The Diamond Center. That's who should be taking advantage of these offers. He probably has a whole gold collection stashed away.

The Real World Awards Bash was on earlier and there were so many people I didn't recognize. Do they still film that? Rachel (SF) and Sean (Boston) have like 5 kids now. What happened to Road Rules? The real question is, where is Belou?

Oh, I love 90210 and am looking forward to the new series. Partly because I'm into all these teen dramas and mostly because of Joe E. Tata (Nat). Nah, truly because Jennie Garth will be recurring and the possibility of Shannen Doherty briefly stepping back into the role of Brenda is beyond awesome! Here's Jennie aka Kelly Taylor filming last week in LA. And take a peak @ their promo photoshoot for the CW to check out the new batch of kids.

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Anonymous said...

I like how you blogged even though its a weekend. I hate how Perez doesnt update much on the weekends cause he's too busy partying.

Thanks, now I have "the credit man..." song in my head.

The Flower Girl

~As I re-read this I feel like a looser. Now everyone will know I'm sitting at home on a Saturday night on the computer. We did just spend the last 4 hours jumping movies (Wanted and Hancock) and I for one am exhausted. Good night. And oh yeah, Angelina is hot!~