Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best Friends Forever

Who really coined the term "BFF?" I thought it was Phoebe from Friends describing her "real" mom (played by Teri Garr) and the one she thought was her mom (Lily Buffay). She said they were BFF. Can you really have only one BFF? Drama and cattiness seem to always get in the way for dazzling duos. Take Brenda & Kelly from 90210. Things were swell until B jetted off to Paris and K fell in love with Dylan. Through that we got the best line ever (Stab me in the back, I bleed)! Brooke & Peyton got along on One Tree Hill until Peyton fell for Lucas who was B's boyfriend (btw, can Moira Kelly please come back to the show?). Dawson & Pacey from the Creek were best buds until Josephine Potter decided that Pacey was her "True Love." And Julie & Felicity were @ odds over Ben (hottie Scott Speedman, woo-hoo!). Of course, Serena slept with BFF Blair's boyfriend Nate on Gossip Girl. And then Blair slept with Nate's BFF, Chuck ("motherchucker" as B refers to him). What about Blair & Jo on the Facts of Life? Oh yeah, there was that one episode where Harrison (I think that was his name) asked Jo to some dance (B's cotillion, Jo's wing-ding) instead of Blair. And Joey made Chandler think in a box (cuz of Paget Brewster)! But the end result for all these "people" (I mean characters) was that no girl or guy could come between their BFFness and all was forgiven. Is that how it is in real life?

In reality, I have a core four and they're pretty much different and @ the same time, similar. I wonder if they know they're a part of my core four? Knowing me, probably not. I don't let on to those things. But my one true BFF is little drummer girl.

My first guest blogger will take the reigns for Thursday's show. So, take it away Clay!

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