Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Penn Badgley Was Present

So Penn Badgley was @ Blake Lively's premiere last night, as was his tv dad, Matthew "Rufus" Settle (he's hot). Penn just didn't walk the red carpet, just like how America Fererra and Amber Tamblyn's male counterparts stayed away from the press. Once inside the theatre and @ the after party, were they all stuck @ the hip.

So there was like a 5.4 magnitude earthquake in the city of angels a little while ago. All is pretty much intact.

Okay, so Abba's Waterloo is being re-released today as is a Genesis box set, A-HA Live @ Valhall (huh?), Bob Marley: Freedom Road, 24/7 Hustlaz (help me out with this one), Common (dating one of the tennis playing Williams sisters), and Best Of: Dean Martin, Robert Palmer, Wilie Nelson, Trance Tunes 2007. Not all together; individual Best Of's. The 5th season of 90210 is out on DVD (good season, isn't that when Brandon & Kelly are together?), The Hills-3rd Season (are you going to waste your money?), and one of the Law & Order seasons is also out.

Here's Jessica Stroup and Jennie Garth from the new 90210. They'll play sisters Erin Silver and Kelly Taylor.
Rebecca Romijn and Jerry "Vern" O'Connell are expecting twins. Oh, Pepper Dennis.
Remember the WB show, Popular? Okay, I see four of
you with your hands raised up high. Well, I have nothing to say about it. Just wanted to bring it up. Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) was in a few episodes in the 2nd season I believe and Carly "Sam" Pope played the drug dealer on Dirt. That Tammy girl married Melissa Etheridge, and Sara Rue had a sitcom on ABC which co-starred Zachary Levi if I'm not mistaken, who is now the lead on Chuck. Woo-hoo! Poppy Fresh is having her 3rd child with Christopher Gorham and Mary Cherry was in What I Like About You who starred Amanda Bynes, who has her own clothing line but isn't as expensive as Lauren Conrad's. Wow, what a lot of useless information I'm typing.

Goose, props to you regarding our earlier phone conversation. Here's a lesson kids, don't stand next to Goose in case someone starts pulling your hair out. Don't be ingay! I ain't looking @ you, shet!
And Buster, I totally forgot about BP! Now that you mention it, I do peg BP as someone who would watch a 3 hour doc. Like going to Carl's Jr on a Saturday afternoon. Is it still possible for me to find out about the legend? Prolly not.

I had a stressed out Tuesday morning (as I'm making a sad, pouty face)...

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