Friday, July 11, 2008

Starbucks Disaster

So this morning @ six, I decide to splurge and get a venti latte @ Starbucks. I get to work and set my cup on the desk and proceed to start my day and then BAM! I knock over my latte and the desk soaks up the coffee. WHY?

Three new movies are out this weekend; Hellboy II, Meet Dave, & Journey to the Center of the Earth. Yeah, I'm yawning along with you. Garden Party (confused kids struggling to chase their dreams in LA) looks good (eh, maybe not). It's with that Kaitlin chick from The OC.

Here in the bay area E-40 (who's that?), Live, & OneRepublic are in concert. I actually like OneRepublic (listen to "All We Are").

Here's a picture of my favorite Gossip Girl couple on screen and off walking around NYC on Monday. I love me some Penn and Blake. To be 20, rich, and hot. Do you know which one is Penn and which one is Blake?

Uh-oh, my boss Les is coming, I gotta go. In the words of Natasha Bedingfield, "I got a pocketful of sunshine." Happy Friday and sending you all coffee nips in cyberspace!


PauL said...

E-40 is "E-40 fonzarelli"....he's a "rapper" from vallejo and is quite popular in the hiphop scene, case in point-- i know about him, you'd know him if you heard

Anonymous said...

omg, u don't know who e-40 is? Get hyphy, come on! Hey I know who Blake is!!! U r too funny :-) Just me, goose