Monday, July 21, 2008

OME! Twilight Has Arrived

Catt James-thank you for giving me the opportunity to blog about my favorite subject-all things Twilight! In short, Twilight is a series of best selling novels written by first time author, Stephenie Meyer. It chronicles the love affair between a 17 year old, human girl (Bella) and a vampire (Edward) who has been around for more than a century. The first novel, "Twilight" was published in 2005 and has quickly become a world wide sensation. It has spawned three more best selling novels, "New Moon" and "Eclipse" which knocked the last Harry Potter book out of the number #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List. The fourth and final book of the series, "Breaking Dawn" will be released on August 2nd. With legions of fans, hundreds of devoted fansites and a feature film being released this December, the Twilight Saga is poised to become the next big thing!

Twilight and I couldnt have been introduced at a better time. As everyone knows, its been rough around these parts. The Little Diamond Girl decided she was too cool for this feeble world of ours and moved on to a place we all hope to be one day. So there I was...the would be Diamond Girl's 2nd Birthday. My cousin, Juicy, innocently asked me to read a book she had been obsessing over. And that was the end of it. Instead of laying on my bed, crying myself to sleep, I was whisked away to a town called Forks, Washington. There, I discovered a quaint little town where I met Bella and her Dad, the Native Americans of La Push Beach, the students of Forks High School and most inportantly, Edward Cullen and his family.

Within the next six days, I read all three books in the saga which contained over 1800 pages. It consumed me. It made me laugh and cry and say things like, "Oh, Edward" at the most random moments. Throughout my Twilight journey, I am proud to profess the following: I am a sworn member of Team Edward. I have a hard time believing he is a fictional character. I have a new found love for my (semi) silver Volvo. I sympathize with Jacob Black, but in no way support his ridiculous actions. With this, I had somewhat of a smile on my face again. One that I had not seen in weeks. So thanks to Juicy for the introduction-I sometimes feel like it helps ease the pain.

I have convinced a few family members and a certain BFF to read the books. Many of them have also lost their minds. So, wont you join our "Twihard" clan? We will be attending a midnight release of "Breaking Dawn" at a secret (members only) Borders location. Don't worry Twihards, I will not release your identity. And this Thursday, July 24th, many of us will be flying down to San Diego to attend the Twilight presentation at Comic-Con. Now that's what I call dedication!

The Flower Girl


Anonymous said...

great blog Flower Girl!! Is this certain BFF the same one who is obsessed with Twilight (lets be real...obsessed with Edward) and now calls her own husband Edward??? LOL... "Oh Edward!"
CJ's loyal blog reader,
RA Cullen

Anonymous said...

Awesome Blog Flower Girl! This shows me how obsessed you are with "Twilight" too! Will you be wearing a dress to prom on August 2nd? Oh i mean Borders!?!?

-Jane Jones

Anonymous said...

Good first blog FG. The Twilight rage has hit this family hard...what's that 7 in our little cult!? Who can we brainwash! The books have definitely been a great escape.

BTW, no Team Edward or Team Jacob for's all about "anti-bella".....that little confused floozy!

love you FG, GE and DG....

eeps peeps,
-junior sib a.k.a abono(DG used to call me this)

Anonymous said...

I loved the blog FG! Thanks for the special shout out. I'm not sure if obsessed is strong enough word to describe the way I feel towards Twilight. I'm sure many people feel the same way. Can't wait for your next blog. (Even if it isn't about Twilight) I don't know how to handle Thursday and August 2nd. I might go a crazy. I somewhat agree with junior sib aka abono. Bella irritated me at the end of eclipse. (Maybe it's because I'm jealous?) But I am forever team edward!

-Juicy aka Bells (I wish)