Thursday, July 24, 2008


I bought a bunch of scratchers today for lunch hoping to win like $500 bucks. Yeah, all I ended up with was that yucky scratch residue on my dime and my desk.

Comic-Con is going on and Twilight the movie was featured today. A bunch of fans flocked to the San Diego Convention Center (some camped overnight) to catch a glimpse of its stars and a preview of the film, which will be released in December. Flower Girl and Junior Sibling should have a report for us upon their return.

I have a grievance from 1999. Wasteland was my new favorite show on ABC about six twenty something friends living in New York City. Some of the stars were Brad Rowe, Rebecca Gayheart, and Sasha Alexander. And to my disappointment, they got canceled after only two airings. Now there's a lot of shows I enjoyed that suddenly went off the air (i.e. Models, Inc and The Class), but I still feel that given a chance, Wasteland would have succeeded (maybe if it was on the now defunct WB). Lucky for me, they shot all 13 episodes that the network ordered and a few years later, Showtime opted to air them all (and I managed to preserve the episodes). Does anyone even know what show I'm talking about?

Handsome Patrick Dempsey is one of the celebs featured on the cover of Forbes' Entertainment All Stars. He has come so far since Can't Buy Me Love (remember the line, "You sh*t on my house!") Classic.

And hottie Penn Badgley is in the current issue of GQ featuring Seth Rogan on the cover. Speaking of Penn, he sure fancies wearing v-necks and cardigans whenever he goes out. Is that something Blake Lively really digs on him?

So I bought the MotoRokr for my car since you're not allowed to have a cell phone stuck to your ear while driving and I must say, it works very well. Something for you to consider in case you're shopping around.

And that is Thursday...

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Anonymous said...

I used to watch Wasteland. I, too, wonder about its cancellation...heehee. Lucky for you I am not in the know with Gossip Girl just yet. Rebecca Gayheart? Isn't she married to McSteamy, who, I caught one day as a guest on the Rachel Ray show. She's come a long way from 30 minute meals. Number One really likes her and enjoys her excitement as she says "E-V-O-O".

This website is good times. I'll come back and visit.