Sunday, July 20, 2008

John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston's Special Someone?

In Touch ran a story about a girl who claimed John Mayer recently hit on her while on tour despite the fact he's been seeing Jennifer Aniston (I have such admiration for the JA). Is it me or has John Mayer gotten better looking? But, GAH! Can't the JA catch a break? Fortunately, the woman went to a rival magazine claiming that she met him a year ago and nothing ever happened and that In Touch twisted the story. But who knows? I think we all just want Aniston to find her happily ever after. Or she should just go for Ross.

Junior Sibling came to my house today toting a Mervyn's bag. Yup, a brand new neighborhood Mervyn's just opened up and they're marketing the event by throwing bags @ people's houses (may they land wherever).

I'm still gushing about Shannen Doherty returning as Brenda on the new 90210. It would be complete if Luke Perry and Jason Priestley agreed to a cameo or two. I'm more excited about this show than the second season of Gossip Girl (which I'll still be plugging regardless).

I shall hand over blogging duties to Flower Girl tomorrow who will enlighten us with some Twilight.

Oh yeah, it was a windy day for a picnic.

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