Friday, July 18, 2008

It Is Dark At Night

First of all, applause to Master Sibling for his very informative and outstanding Emmy nom review. Have a mimosa. I agree that Neil P Harris should get it. He is, "wait for it", awesome in the role of Barney on How I Met Your Mother, which I think should have gotten a nom for Best Comedy instead of Two and a Half Men. I'm bummed that Ellen Pompeo from Grey's didn't get a nod last year and with the writer's strike, she wasn't fully showcased this past season. And Tony Shaloub should just pull out. He's married to Brooke Adams who was in the fab early 80's made for TV movie, Lace. So we look forward to Clay's upcoming blog and hope he visits again. I am hoping that Junior Sibling and Younger Sibling make appearances here as well.

This Twilight craze is pretty big. Kristen Stewart (Panic Room) is on the cover of Vanity Fair and on last week's Entertainment Weekly. Wasn't she in that movie with Adam Brody?
So The Dark Knight was released @ midnight and is expected to be a winner this weekend. Mamma Mia! looks good (to me @ least) and I know there's a Dancing Queen in all of us. Coldplay is @ the HP Pavilion tonight and Chris Isaak (he's dreamy) is playing the Mountain Winery and Boy George was supposed to play in SF but he couldn't get a visa. Or did he?

This last week Julia Roberts went to Disneyland, David Schwimmer walked the streets of New York with an orange backpack, Justin Long is now hanging with Kirsten Dunst, Blake Lively was waiting for her paint to be mixed @ Home Depot, Jennifer Garner is pregnant again, Nicole Richie & Joel Madden were walking in Berkeley, and my boss Les is off today.

Have a croissant. Hey, I speak French. Enjoy the day!

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Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I watched "In the Land of Women" yesterday while sitting on my D chair. This movie stars Kristen Stewart, Adam Brody and Meg Ryan. I give it a thumbs down. The trailers are very misleading and there is no story line.

*SPOILER* Why does the dvd show him kissing Lucy (Kristen Stewart) when he really gets it on with her Mom (Meg Ryan). WTF! I had known that, I wouldnt have wasted my Netflix on it!