Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Matthew Perry, Where Are You?

That is my question for the day. Save for the occasional sighting @ restaurants in LA, we haven't heard much on Matthew Perry. Such a shame his television show, Studio 60 didn't make it to a second season. Even Matt LeBlanc made headlines a couple of weeks back. But his headline was about not paying his agent or manager fees owed. Oh Chandler, my dream man.

For all the lucky people in Asia, Rick Astley is touring the country and making visits to foreign shows. Wowwowwee!

Rumor has it that Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong have broken up already. What's up with that?

So Mario Lopez got Mark McGrath and Dayna Devon from Extra booted from their hosting duties. The official release was that McGrath was going to re-focus on his music career and revive Sugar Ray. Is that a good idea? And Dayna Devon will now just be a special correspondent. When Dustin "Screech Powers" Diamond
releases his tell all book about the Saved By The Bell cast, Mario will have to report on that, right? That could possibly be a juicy read. Lisa Turtle? Mr. Belding? Who out there owns a copy of the Saved By The Bell soundtrack?

Sometime later, I have to remember to take a trip to the versatel and withdraw some money. Ha! Versatel!

Oy, time to get the eyebrows waxed.

See you for cocktails later, Hula Kuya.

Take one Nip and pass it around please.

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