Monday, July 28, 2008

The Notebook

The Notebook has got to be one of the greatest movies ever. How hot were Ryan Gosling (did he really date Sandra Bullock?) and Rachel McAdams? And how awesome that they really did get together (for a while @ least). Because it seems like no one ever stays together in Hollywood (unless you're Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward). Relive when Ryan and Rachel accepted their Best Kiss award @ The MTV Movie Awards a few years back.

Why is Katherine Heigl the highest paid female television star (Charlie Sheen made like 20 mil from Two and Half Men)? I didn't know there was another medical drama called "Izzie's Anatomy."

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 had their NYC premiere earlier tonight and Alexis "Rory" (I really like that name) Bledel looks just as young as her co-stars. She's the oldie of the bunch @ 26. Where were America Ferrera's Ugly Betty co-stars? Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester, & Ed Westwick all turned out to support their really tall Gossip Girl co-star, Blake Lively (who filmed all day with Leighton). But conspicuously absent from the red carpet was her other co-star and real life better half, Penn Badgley. Did they have a tiff or did he sneak in through a side door?

Here's two pics from two Fridays ago from One Tree Hill courtesy of the One Tree Hill Blog.Who is that with Lucas? Squee! Crazy nanny Carrie will be back to wreck some sort of havoc.

Goose! Why would you park in front of the post office and work on your invites for 15 minutes, leave for the Costco parking lot (since you took a 15 minute only spot @ the post office) to finish said invites only to return to that same post office to mail your stuff? And you were in your car for the entire 90 minute duration! That was a real puzzler for me. Oh, lollipop!

And Buster, I did not know you had watched Wasteland in 99 (that was during "5 years", right?). But I should have figured since only two episodes made it to air (Emily's Reasons Why Not, anyone?). Please, for the good of all, do not start watching my precious Gossip Girl. Was it the Whip that took the time to watch the MJ doc? That's a whole lotta nothing almost.

Monday, Monday...

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Anonymous said...

The Notebook is priceless. I so loved her in Meangirls, too, "so you think your pretty."

Okay so one day I also stumbled on OTH which I lost track of long ago. I really just wanted to catch a glimpse of Stephen Colletti (butterflies) but no cigar. I did catch Lucas being left at the alter. The crazy nanny spooked me. Just like Vicky's alter ego Niki Smith. Or the famous Kimberly wig scene on Melrose Place.

Don't you remember who told us he watched the 3 hour MJ documentary. "BD" still have to confirm if his legend is true.