Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Was More Than Happy To Pay For Parking

So Goose and I finally made our way to Maiden Lane. No one was tired today. Dang, what a fancy little street. It even has those pearly gates. Talented musicians were shouting the blues for the lunching patrons. And the beauty that is the Chanel boutique was up ahead. I'm still gushing. I love that store! We walked around some more and it was such a beautiful day in San Francisco. The streets were bustling and the shops were filled. Good day. And a good day to pay for parking. You're welcome Goose.
Angelina Jolie gave birth to Knox and Vivienne Saturday night bringing her kid total to 6. Who still watches Miss Universe? Venezuela won the title and USA took a fall. Oops. What's up with the talk about creator Shonda Rimes possibly killing off Katherine Heigl's "Izzie" character on Grey's Anatomy? Hmm, we'll wait and see since they have started filming for the new season already. And for a few episodes, Courteney Cox is joining Scrubs joining ABC. Too bad Dirt got canceled.
What's that I hear? Oh yes, the laundry is calling my name. Nighty night.

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