Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reality Bites?

Good evening po,

How is Tuesday going for you all? Or anyone @ all for that matter? I'm extremely tired but can't seem to fall asleep. No, not because it's only 8:00 and I shouldn't be sleeping anyway, but in general. I've slept maybe 4 hours a night the last couple of weeks. Even weekends. Hmmm. Yes, I know that's unfortunate and that it's my problem.

It's new releases Tuesday and I didn't notice any good DVD's. I didn't even check on CD's. So where do you go now to buy CD's you're anxious to get your hands on? People do still buy them (not everyone downloads) according to Billboard. I guess Target, Wal Mart, and strangely enough, Victoria's Secret. Oh, there's FYE but they'll be gone soon from the way things are going. No more Tower, Wherehouse, and pretty soon, Virgin.

I don't know why but I find myself watching Tori & Dean on the Oxygen channel and I find myself getting sucked in. I know I'm not alone. A few of you have brought this show up to me already so don't pretend. And I find myself kinda liking her because she seems to be working so hard to support her family (what does that Dean fellow do for a living?). Even hawking jewelry on HSN and the pieces don't even look pretty and she was so into promoting and selling it hoping people will buy it. She thought the reason it wasn't selling was because she wasn't in the studio live but I think it was because her stuff kinda sucked. I could be wrong. Buster told me about the episode where she mentioned how she only sweats from one armpit. Good stuff.

And why does Audrina from The Hills appear to be looking up @ the sky when her picture is being taken? Something's up with her eye. And Lauren's clothes aren't selling. That's what happens when you overprice dresses you can get for cheaper and cuter @ H&M.


Anonymous said...

I like Tori and Dean too. That's the only thing on Oxygen except for Snapped. But I watch that too. Anyways, I like her more after watching the show. She seems normal...probably because they are broke just like everyone else.
I don't like how Dean calls her "T." Seems weird to me.

The Flower Lady (or is it girl)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Catt James!! Very entertaining! Its always fun to read gossip and commentaries on everything and anything! Can't wait to read what you come up with next and hear from your guest bloggers!!

Your new fan,
RA Cullen :-)

Charmed said...

I love your blog Mz. C! So, besides Perez,,( I know...it's cheesy but It's addicting),I now look forward on your updates. You're now totally the Princess of Blogness!

Anonymous said...

Is it uncool to comment after the fact? I caught Tori and Dean one night when I couldn't sleep switching from that and John & Kate plus 8. Tori was too funny to me and definitely shows some normalcy, unlike Donna Martin. These sightings are usually one hit wonders because I never remember to tune in again. Just like last night when I came across Britney Spears: Price of Fame and stayed up until past midnight as I was so intrigued. No wonder I'm sleepy. Sidebar: I know someone who watched a 3 hour documentary on Michael Jackson one day.