Sunday, August 24, 2008

90210 Premiere Party

The cast of 90210 gathered in Malibu Saturday evening to celebrate the show's season premiere on Sept. 2nd. Original cast members Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth, who will be reprising their Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor characters, were also on hand for last night's festivities. But like a lot of fans, I'm chagrined that these two did not pose together @ the arrivals line or even inside! You'd think that the network would make that mandatory since it would definitely be a photo-op. Guess it's still not that cool between Garth and Doherty. Oh wells. And I keep forgetting that Rebecca Donaldson, oops, I meant Lori Loughlin, is on the show. She's probably pissed that a lot of people are forgetting she's on the show.
The new cast with CW president Dawn Ostroff

Jennie Garth

Garth w/ husband Peter Facinelli

It's Nat! Joe E. Tata

Shenae Grimes & Jessica Stroup


Since the 2 hour season premiere was not sent out to critics, we won't know if Shannen will be in these first 2 episodes. It's been said that some editing may be done or an additional scene could be filmed to include "Brenda" but they won't say for sure. And that puts a damper on my Brenda is Back viewing party. What if I do one for the premiere and she isn't there? What if I decide to not have it on the 2nd and Brenda does appear? What do I do ('frets frantically')?