Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sophia Bush Filming and Flying

Sophia Bush was snapped by fans in North Carolina on Tuesday shooting scenes for the upcoming season of One Tree Hill with her co-star who plays Millicent (and Mouth's girlfriend). I just found out that a big reason why this show is on is because they are endorsed heavily by sponsors, like Sunkist. And they also play some of the best music on this show, but I'm not down for what they put on their soundtracks.

Bush was then seen arriving @ LAX yesterday and waiting hella long for her luggage to arrive after being delayed a couple of hours. She seemed more frustrated than cranky. I wonder if she's nice in person. Do you know?
Also, I waited in line a long time this morning @ Starbucks. Plus, my associates ask me what's different about my hair. Is it different?

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