Friday, August 1, 2008

Angels In Chains

Younger Sibling gave us a very intelligent and riveting blog. Well done! I know many folks would enjoy more posts such as his in the future.

And now back to my mundane thoughts. But hey, just like Younger Sibling pointed out, rambling don't hurt nobody.

So I was channel surfing and came across Jacklyn Smith's reality show about hairstylists, Shear Genius. One of their tasks was to update the hairstyles of the 3 original Charlie's Angels and Kate Jackson was a guest judge. It was pretty awesome. Charlie's Angels
was one of the best shows ever. Hands down, Angels in Chains was the best episode. Sorry Beamish. I believe Charlie's Angels came on right after Eight is Enough on Wednesday's, right Master Sibling? Oh, to start watching prime time TV @ four years old.

I'm eating skittles.

The Mummy and Swing Vote are both out today and John Mellencamp is playing somewhere in the bay area this weekend.

On Grey's Anatomy, Izzie will not be getting that brain tumor storyline as rumored and nurse Rose will be back. And there's a possibility that Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) will have a 4 year old child on 90210. Who's the daddy?

Chace Crawford landed @ LAX on Thursday as he is scheduled to appear on the Teen Choice Awards with Leighton Meester on Monday. Blake Lively and Penn Badgley went walking through the Meatpacking District on Wednesday and Taylor Momsen (so skinny) and Jessica Szohr were strolling earlier this week by the STK restaurant in NYC.

Rachel McAdams was spotted cheering ex-boyfriend Ryan Gosling on as he spun tunes @ the Green Door in LA on Tuesday. Is there hope for these two? I was just talking about them.

John Mayer looks all buffed out.
That One Night by The Hunted. Best non existing CD to ever not be released. C'mon, you know what I'm talking about. The Office! Great show. Brilliant almost. 30 Rock is also great. Catch that if you can as well as The New Adventures of Old Christine ("My dad called me frizz"). Oh, Elaine Benes. Julia Louis Dreyfus (who looks like someone I know) is really petite. I've seen some of her character's wardrobe displayed @ the Warner Bros. studios.

Mervyn's filed for bankruptcy but don't plan on closing any stores.

The making of the Wonder Woman movie is being revisited again. Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson, or Megan Fox in the role; who should it be?

How are you, Pretty P?

I think I'll have some vodka, cranberry juice, and a splash of sprite after work. Let the weekend commence!

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