Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Time...To Dance

Why do I have insomnia? It's been going on for weeks now and I'm extremely tired and groggy during the day, when I have to be working hard.

Here's news that may not be interesting. Kathy Griffin and former Vice President Dan Quayle were approached to be contestants on Dancing with the Stars and they both declined.

Madonna was back in her turf in Michigan over the weekend to screen her film, "I Am Because We Are." She's been looking all gaunt lately.

While Scarlett Johansson was @ the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, her husband to be, Ryan Reynolds was all decked for a meeting in Beverly Hills.

Dude, JetBlue will be charging $7 for an eco-friendly pillow and blanket. You know the day will soon come when peanuts will cost you $1.50.
We all know that gas prices are high and it's nice to discover a station with a lower price, but Costco ain't that much cheaper than everybody else. I always see the line extending to Oregon whenever I pass by my local Costco. I wonder what's so special about their fuel.

In local San Francisco radio news, the Sarah and Vinnie Morning Show is back once again on 97.3 and I think I'm going to start listening again. Gosh, everything old is new again! New Kids on the Block is touring, leggings have made a comeback, 90210 will be airing again, Boys II Men sang @ a Six Flags, I saw a lady with pumped hair @ the mall...

The final four face off this week on So You Think You Can Dance. Supposedly, two of them got sick and were taken to the hospital this past weekend, but which two had not been revealed.
It's just another Manic Monday...

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