Friday, August 22, 2008

Audrina Just Doesn't Care

I had refused to write a piece on "The Hills" but I received a request last night in my buzzed up state of mind. And a follow up e-mail this morning. I won't go into too much detail, but the numbers for Monday night's season premiere weren't as high as last season's. The folks @ MTV are attributing the Olympics factor to the decrease in viewership, but I think it might be that just as Audrina doesn't care about the tense situation with Lo, the world doesn't care all that much about "The Hills". In addition to Audrina not caring, she's also "over it". That last scene was the funniest part. How did Lauren manage a guest spot on "Greek?" And I must admit that Heidi is way prettier than her sister. Who is she anyway and you know she's just trying to cash in on their expired 15 minutes! What do you think, P-Man?

And Jean Jacket Wearer, I hope you solve the mystery as to where that beloved piece of denim is hiding. Maybe it's @ The Bottom of the Hill...

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