Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Robert Buckley @ The FlatIron

Lipstick Jungle co-stars Lindsay Price and (my new boyfriend) Robert Buckley were in the Flatiron District on Tuesday shooting scenes. Is he a regular now? I thought Kim Raver's character broke up with him last season to stay with her husband. Have you seen some of their scenes together? Wow! He's all into her cougarness. Andrew McCarthy (Blaine! from PIP) is on this show too and he looks really good!

And the Starbucks coffee I waited in line for earlier? Yeah, it's giving me a stomachache now. C'mon, us coffee drinkers know that happens most of the time, right?

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Charmed said...

I recently Neflixed MANNEQUIN and watched it again with the boys. I wanted to show it to them.

Andrew Mc...hmmm still cute back then and now! The little big boy liked it and thought it was funny.
Your big godson just watched it because he's bored. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" love that song...