Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Listen To Sarah And Vinnie

So I'm listening to the bay area's radio station Alice @ 97.3 and it's so good. For those who know the Sarah & Vinnie morning show, it was such a treat to have former producer Uzette Salazar on the program today. She was filling in for vacationing traffic reporter, Kathy, who just recently came back on the air with them around the same time Vinnie returned. Uzette had a whole lot to say about what she's been up to the last six years and her and Sarah did allude to a mild tiff between the two of them when Uzette was let go from Alice years ago. But the rapport they have is still the same so it was funzo.

It's Tuesday, so that means Disney's Ariel's Beginning is out and I have to go get it since little drummer girl has seen the billboard ads all over the place. She'll be all into the Disney princesses and then go goo-goo for the Jonas Brothers. And those boys do what now? Sing, that's right...

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