Sunday, August 10, 2008

Julianne Moore, Nice Lady?

So I was going through footage of different celebrities signing autographs for fans and autograph dealers and surprisingly, the A list celebs were cooler than the D and Z listers. Adam Sandler took pictures and made small talk while Brooke Hogan (yeah, who?) said she could only sign one each since she had to go to work. Meryl Streep signed a bunch and yet Molly Ringwald commented she "could only sign 2" and that was it. And to think I was a little bummed I didn't catch her in Sweet Charity last year. Julianne Moore, who is really a hella good actress (yay Marlene from Hand That Rocks the Cradle!) signed and signed and was actually looking @ the type of pictures the fans had of her. And there was Adrienne Barbeau (she played Maude's daughter, right? I actually even watched reruns of that eons ago!) who could only sign a few as well. I just thought it was funny since there weren't even huge crowds for Hogan, Ringwald and Barbeau. There were like 10 or less.

If you get a chance, download Death Cab for Cutie's song, "The Ice Is Getting Thinner." It's so beautiful and yet really sad. It's the best breakup song out there. Also, anything by Kate Havnevik, Justin Timberlake, and yes I'll say it, Nicole Scherzinger's "Happily Never After." But the song that's constantly playing in my head is "7 Things" by Miley Cyrus, thanks to little drummer girl's obsession with that track.

And my Brenda Walsh watch has officially begun. Shannen Doherty reported to the set for the first time on Thursday, August 7 to begin shooting her multi episode stint on 90210. Jennie Garth said last week that her character, Kelly Taylor will be in almost every episode. Shaaaa! You just know she'll get that "Special Guest Star" added to her name on the opening credits.
I just finished eating a pound and a half of cherries. That can't be good.

Sunday sets...

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